About Xpodigital

Your One-Stop Shop for Digital Signage

A Track Record of Success

Xpodigital really “gets” what it takes to make signage work. We know that signage is just one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. We know that signage has to captivate and engage. And we know that a signage solution needs to be customized, carefully planned, and well-executed.


We don’t sell displays; we provide custom-tailored digital signage solutions. Our deep understanding of the signage space sets us apart from the competition. By following a tried-and-true process of discovery, design, and deployment, we turn your vision into reality.


Our story begins with parent company XpoNet, which has been serving the internetworking needs of hotels, conventions, and trade shows around the country for nearly 20 years. Today, we’re changing the face of the signage industry with our imaginative approach.


With installations around the globe, Xpodigital uses an open, scalable platform to make your ideas come alive. We leverage our collective know-how, industry-leading graphical capabilities, and innovative software to bring interactive, “intelligent” signage to a rapidly growing market.
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